In 2018 we recognised the requirement for a national strategy to ensure the causation of road trauma and their direct impacts receive the notable consideration in New Zealand it deserves.

In 2020 the Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust, trading as the National Road Trauma Centre (‘Trust’) launched its Five Year Strategic Plan.

Our Strategic Plan is our guiding principle to assist the Trust, to perform strongly to lead change, encourage multi-sector collaboration and innovation, leverage new opportunities and connect with national and global strategic objectives.

We believe in effective collaborative leadership, that is, working collaboratively with the right people to establish opportunities and initiatives that support those in our community – particularly those most vulnerable. We work closely with government, non for profit organisations and the sector to help implement change.

Through strong governance, leadership and actuarial advice our Strategic Plan will help support:

  • investment decisions and provision of services that will reduce road trauma impacts.
  • leverage a government-wide perspective to provide trusted, impartial and influential solutions for better socio economic outcomes.
  • generate long term value-based care,  education and training to ensure deliverable services support industry professionals and people in metropolitan, rural and regional communities directly impacted by road trauma.
  • support research initiatives that inform preventative and treatment intervention strategies

Strategic Objective One: Road Safety

Strategic Objective Two: Research and Development

Strategic Objective Three: Post Trauma Clinical Care (Health Care)

Strategic Objective Four: Education and Training

Strategic Objective Five: Psychological Services


Our 2021/22 strategic goals are about placing greater emphasis on:

Primary Healthcare to allow us to care for those most vulnerable in our communities. This includes the establishment and commencement of new primary health care clinical team, to support:

  • Families and whanau
  • Children
  • Low socio economic groups
  • Isolated or vulnerable communities

Community Education and Resources to provide a central portal of information and resources to those directly and indirectly impacted by road crashes.

Research we are currently actively engaging with universities and research institutions to enhance sector specific research from road trauma prevention to clinical care.

Nationalisation of Awards enhance reward and recognition to those in health care, emergency services, road safety and community service in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are pleased to be actively progressing our 2021/22 strategic objectives with formal announcements to commence in June 2021.

For further information on our Strategic Plan, please contact us at roadtraffictrauma@xtra.co.nz.