Sarah was inspired to found the Trust when she undertook a research study on those affected by road trauma and its implications affecting post accident care and recovery, including rehabilitation. She wanted to ensure adequate support, education and advice was provided to those directly affected by road trauma.  Sarah then partnered with Professor Neville Blampied former Head of Psychology Department, University of Canterbury in which they co-founded the Trust together.

In 2003, Sarah was involved in one serious and near fatal car crash at 20 years of age, followed by a further moderate car crash ten months later. She sustained injuries from both crashes. She has recovered well from the majority of the injuries she sustained and is fortunate to be able to maintain a fit and active lifestyle.

Sarah has a more recent background in Regulatory Affairs in the pharmaceutical sector and part ownership in highly specialised physiotherapy clinics in Sydney which treated numerous patients that suffered from chronic pain, many of which had been in motor vehicle crashes.


Rosalie has been with the Trust since its inception and is Sarah’s mother.

She has been very thrilled to see what the Trust has achieved over the past few years especially the Road Accident Remembrance Day bringing families together, as well as being moving appreciations of the Emergency services involved.

Rosalie believes Sarah’s insight and vision has been a real inspiration to those in our community, including those closest to her.

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