How It All Began

Analysing research papers, statistics, reviewing legislation, national and international trends late at night is not the most alluring way to describe how a charitable organisation was founded, but in 2007, that is exactly where we began.

The initial research statistics were staggering and when this surfaced our Founder, Sarah Dean felt enough evidence on the social and economic burdens imposed by road crashes in New Zealand had surfaced.

Sarah a road crash survivor herself, undertook the research purely to be part of the solution. Having spent her childhood growing up in the charitable sector, her natural instincts set in and her desire to support those deeply impacted began.

After a further year of research, Sarah quietly set about sector research and stakeholder engagement. She worked alongside those those supported legislative change and felt privileged to have heard powerful stories from victims and their families. Sarah worked with her local MP who supported her, even writing to the Hon. Maryan Street who was the current ACC Minister at the time. When an unfavourable response for legislative change was recieved, Sarah felt her next steps should be owed to each and every victim impacted. It was then the most remarkable part of the journey began.

The Start of Progress

Sarah knew the next steps had to involve a large transformational shift, having contacts in the medical sector, in 2009 she was directed to Clinical Psychologist, Paul Wynands who specialised in road trauma, followed by Dr Lee Kannis a PHD academic specialist in road trauma and Professor Neville Blampied, Head of Psychoglogy Department at the University of Canterbury. Together in 2010 they formed the Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust which proudly became one of the first charitable organisations of its kind in New Zealand.

Professor Neville Blampied was the inaugural Chairman of the Trust. In 2012 he undertook study on the psychological impacts of 2011 Christchurch earthquake victims, working closely with Mr Phil Bagshaw, Founder of the Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust. It was then that a very special partnership was formed with the Hospital.

Future Outlook

In 2020 we proudly celebrate ten years as a charitable organisation. Over the past ten years it has been a privilege to serve our community and work alongside many caring and compassionate industry professionals.

Over the past eighteen months the Trust has developed five strategic objectives that will look at a transformed patient centric model that is commercially viable and sustainable. A model which will provide integrated services that would reduce the socio and economic impact of serious injuries and deaths.

Our new structure main focus is about providing the best outcome to optimise support centric to the needs of patients, industry professionals and road trauma prevention in a structure and set at a standard not seen in New Zealand. It is our vision, this  structure will enhance collaboration, connectiveness and provide an added sense of purpose and meaningful impact to benefit and best serve the needs of those in our community, particularly those most vulnerable.

As we mark our ten year anniversary, we see it as a great privilege to launch our new name, brand and structure. Our Strategic Plan is currently in consultation phase and will be made publicly available in late 2020.