New Zealand’s accident compensation (ACC) scheme provides accident insurance cover for accidental injuries to New Zealand citizens and residents and to temporary visitors to New Zealand.

This scheme was established in the mid-1970s. When the scheme was introduced, it took away the right for claimants to sue under tort law for injuries covered. ACC is often referred to as “a no-fault scheme” as claimants do not have to prove that another person was at fault and caused injury.


ACC has other scope of works. In addition to accident compensation they work collaboratively with other agencies in the prevention of road crash injuries. 


ACC supports evidence based healthcare research. Evidence based research is important.  as forms the decision making framework on how ACC covers injuries and funds treatment.

ACC assesses current and international research about the causation of road crash injuries and how effective treatments are. 


It is important to understand that due to the legislative framework, some injuries such as mental injuries may not be covered for road crash victims. We suggest you make contact with ACC to see whether your injury is covered. If it is not, you are welcome to make contact with us so that we can help you navigate the healthcare system or provide additional support.


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