Road Accident Remembrance Day

Road Accident Remembrance Day

On 22 October 2016 the Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust organised New Zealand’s first Road Accident Remembrance Day. The Road Accident Remembrance Day is an annual event. The purpose of the Road Accident Remembrance Day is to remember those that had passed away in the roads, acknowledge the survivors, thank those involved in the post-accident care and recovery and to relay important road safety messages.

To date the Road Accident Remembrance Day included the families of the 80 people who tragically passed away on the roads in Canterbury Region. Some families travelled as far as from Australia, Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin, Invercargill and Greymouth for the event. The Road Accident Remembrance Day is a growing success and the initiative was well received from those directly impacted in the community. The Trust will extend the Road Accident Remembrance Day nationally with the support of our Partners.

Our partners include the New Zealand Police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand, Order of St John, New Zealand Transport Agency, Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust, Canterbury District Health Board, Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust and Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust. Our partners are committed to making this a growing success and support its expansion.





With the significant expansion of the Road Accident Remembrance Day the Trust established a Road Accident Remembrance Day Steering Committee.

The main purpose of the Committee is to ensure we collectively work together to protect and preserve the original intentions of the Road Accident Remembrance Day, which is to:

  • Acknowledge survivors
  • Acknowledge those that have tragically lost their lives on roads in the Canterbury Region
  • Acknowledge those involved in the post accident care and recovery
  • Relay important road safety messages
  • Canterbury Road Trauma Awards

The Committee comprises of representatives from:

  • New Zealand Police
  • Fire and Emergency
  • St John
  • Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust
  • New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Canterbury District Health Board
  • Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust
  • Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust

Canterbury Road Trauma Awards

In 2017 the Trust introduced the Canterbury Road Trauma Awards. The purpose of the Awards is to acknowledge the unsung heroes of our community, who would otherwise not be acknowledged.  There are three Award categories, Award for Public Service, Award for Road Trauma Prevention and Award to Community Service.

The Canterbury Road Trauma Awards are annual awards, governed by the Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust and Administered by the Road Trauma Committee.

The Trust is mindful that there are well-established awards devoted to the community, these Awards are industry specific.