Local Legends, were introduced this year, it was our innovative solution to help us find important unsung heroes in our community. The concept developed swiftly, in fact, we were blown away.

We are so proud to announce our Local Legend Ambassadors. These are leaders in our community who have been appointed to help promote and endorse one of our Regions most significant roading Awards, the Canterbury Road Trauma Awards.

Their role is unique, they will help promote and endorse public nominations for community Local Legends and Canterbury Road Trauma Award nominations.

Due to an exciting partnership with the Kia Kaha concert, we pre-announced three of our deserving Local Legends. They are Anton Matthews, Founder of Fush, Reece McCaffrey, Founder of Recreate Personal Training and Krystie Woodgyear-Smith,  Assistant Captain of the New Zealand Women’s Ice Hockey Team, the ‘Ice Fernz . In late May,  we will proudly announce further seven Local Legend Ambassadors.

Above:  Chris Lynch, Newstalk ZB interview. Featuring Krystie Woodgyear-Smith, Sarah Dean and Reece McCaffrey.

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