We are seeking community Local Legends from the East Coast to the jagged peaks of the Southern Alps in Canterbury. Our goal is to attain quality Local Legends, who are well connected, respected ‘go-getters’ in our community.

Local Legends will have aptitude to echo the philosophy and legacy of these Awards by helping us seek out deserving individuals.

Community Local Legends role:

  • Promote Award nominations, (so we can find recipients who truly deserve to shine).
  • Provide input on how we can best engage with the wider community.
  • Promote positive  experiences for those that have been involved in road related crashes.
  • Help us find those important first hand stories of unsung heroes in our community.
  • Local Legends will help encourage road crash prevention by increasing the social awareness of the impact they have on the wider community.

Community Local Legends opportunities:

  • Opportunity for you to engage with other Local Legends at the official launch function.
  • Opportunity for you to engage with other Local Legends through a private social media network.
  • Reserved seating for you and invited guests at the annual Remembrance Day.
  • Opportunity to attend the Remembrance Day formal end of year function.

Nominations open Tuesday, 4  June and close Sunday, 30 June 2019.  Nominations will be reviewed by the Local Legends Collective Selection Committee.

Local Legends Nominations

  • Please upload a formal photograph of yourself or your nominee.
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